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If you have problems when using our equipment, please read the instructions first.
If can’t resolve it, just call us, our engineer will provide customized technical support for you.

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We would supply you with the maintenance guide in the instruction. Keep in mind that you should do the related work before and after each work. Considerate maintenance brings you the longer life time of the equipment.

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The extra components are charged , but we can ensure you that all the components are strictly in accordance with contract requirements and the relevant national standards.


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Pig Farrowing Crate

We supply 3 models pig farrowing crate/pen/house, respectively CC-A1,CC-B1,CC-C1. In the pig farrowing house, you can equip pig sow & piglet feeders, waterers and heating lamp, etc.

Pig Farming in Australia

Before the pig industry developed, pigs were mostly kept as a sideline enterprise on mixed farms. Sow stall and farrowing crates are two common devices use in today pig farming.

Pig Farming Industry in Brazil

Traditional Brazilian pig farms in the south most are small and mid-sized pig farming systems.For modern pig farming in Brazil, pig crates and piggery cooling system have been improved a lot.

Pig Farming Development in Germany

The scale production by employing automatic feeding techniques, computer-controlled ration-timing feeding and mechanized feces cleaning, etc has contributed to the high efficiency of Germany pig farming.

Pig Farming in Mexico

Mexico pig production has become more integrated in response to increasing demands for better product quality.


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