Keeping the pig house indoor environment cool and comfortable during hot summer days is a tough work, so the pig farming air conditioner is necessary. But the evaporative cooling equipment can offer an eco-friendly, healthy and cost-effective way to solve pig farm cooling in summer. And here are some suggestions before purchasing the evaporative cooling equipments.

1. Climate Should Make Evaporative Cooling Effective

Evaporative cooling is an effective way for pig farm cooling, but it depends on the climate where the pig farm is located. And learning about the working principle can help you decide if the evaporative cooling is the right solution for your pig farm.
Usually there are two types of evaporative cooling. One is direct evaporative cooling, using sprinklers to wet pigs for evaporation to realize cooling effect; the other is indirect evaporative cooling, using evaporative cooling pads to reduce incoming air temperature to produce cooling.
So the key to effective evaporative cooling is hot and dry air, and in fact, evaporative cooling is working most effectively during the hottest time of the day and when the humidity level is below 50%.

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2. Compare with Traditional Cooling Equipments

Evaporative cooling equipments and traditional cooling equipments are both for cooling pig house. However, evaporative cooling is available at a lower overall price point, is more energy efficient, and is more eco-friendly than traditional cooling. And evaporative cooling equipments come into various designs and capacities.
For environmentally conscious consumers, evaporative cooling is an ideal choice for keeping cool without harm to the environment, because evaporative cooling use a natural process that cools the air by using motion and water, which will not produce eco-harming pollutants. Plus, evaporative cooling system makes indoor piggery air fresh.

3. Proper Size for Evaporative Cooler

To get the best results of the evaporative cooling, make sure it is the right size for the pig house. Calculate the ideal CFM ( the cubic feet of the amount of fresh air cycled through pig house per minute) by dividing the cubic feet of space to be cooled by 2, then you will get the evaporative cooler of right CFM for your piggery.

4. Maintenance of Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Basic cleanings and proper storage/shut down of the appliance are the primary factors in determining the performance and life of the evaporative air cooler. The maintenance should be easy and cheap to do to avoid dust, dirt, mold and mildew build-up, especially if the device has been used for a long period of time.

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