Usually, there are two types of heating methods for pig farm in Winter: central heating and local heating.

Central Heating

The central heating in pig house is mainly accomplished by using hot water, steam, hot air and electric energy, etc. Nowadays, the hot water heating system is often used.

Local Heating

The most commonly used facilities for local heat in piggery are electric heating floor, hot-water heating floor and heating lamp, etc. But now, many pig farm are employing high-bed pig farrowing and breeding, so infrared heating lamp, electric heating pad and far-infrared heating pad, etc are often applied.

1. Infrared Heating Lamp

This heat lamp is employing the ion-tech to produce sun-like thermal radiation which can create ideal conditions for rearing animals. In pig farming, the infrared transforms the electric into heat and heat radiation acts directly on the bodies of piglets, reducing the heat waste to help piglets growth and resistance to diseases. The heating temp can be adjusted by regulating the lamp’s hanging height, and if used with incubator, the heat effect can be better.

2. Electric Heating Pad

Electric heat pad is an economical cold-defending tool for lactational pigs. It has electric heating elements inside and high-quality rubber or FRP with moderate hardness outside, making a comfort, safe and healthful condition to ensure a high survival rate.
3. Far-infrared Heating Pad
The body case of far-infrared heating pad is made of engineering plastic which is of high mechanical-strength, corrosion-resistance, aging-resistance and non-deformation, and the pad is skid proof. There two kinds of this heating pad: the one with temp-regulation function and the one without temp-regulation function. This pad can be used alone in the piggery, also can be used with specially-made incubator.

4. Hot Blast Heater

Ideal house temperature has a substantial influence on pig health and performance. Therefore, adequate heating system is required in many climate zones. The hot blast heater which is also called livestock air conditioner, is a kind of brand-new tempering system which has a wide applicable area and can maximize thermal emission and transfer it to the piggery in the best possible way to keep energy cost at a minimum. At the same time, it is a cleaner and cheaper way of heating, so it is widely used in many large-scale pig farms.

5. Heating Floor

This heating system is working by hot water circulating in the pipes and its temp is controlled by the hot water temp. The water is heated by pressure pump and the hot water line is pre-buried underneath in the pig house.

6. Solar Heating System

It is an economical and pollution-free heating method, but sensitive to the climatic conditions, so it needs other assistant heating facilities.

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