With the modernized development of society, it is necessary to build a modern resource-saving and environment-friendly piggery farm. But how to establish such an advanced and cost-effective piggery farm and how to raise pigs? Now we will discuss and analyze the problem together.

Set up a modernized piggery farm
Speaking of setting up a modernized piggery farm, it includes conservation of electricity, water, veterinary drugs, feed and the like. We can save water and electricity by adopting advanced manufacturing techniques, production equipment and strengthening administrative works. While the great potential of saving resource lies in the conservation of veterinary drugs and makes good use of feed. So we should pay attention to the rational use of veterinary drugs and feed.

Tips for a modernized piggery farm
How to save the dosage of veterinary drugs of a large-scale piggery farm? The answer is simple and complicated. If we can ensure pigs are in good health, then we don’t need to cure them with drugs. But it’s complicated to do so. First, we should take measures to prevent the piggery farm from weeds, ruderals, rubbish and other pollutants, and sterilize the dung drain regularly, especially the sterilization of commonly used passageways and the sphere of activities of ill pigs in the piggery .

Second, the pig farm had better not open to visitors in case that some virus might be bring into the farm by accident. And we should pay great attention to the work of repelling parasite, eradicating flies to protect the environment of the pig farm. All the pigs in the farm must be vaccinated against virus.

Third, we must sterilize the equipment and ground with high pressure washing and routine disinfection before bring new herds of pigs into the pig farm. We should keep the sterilization procedures (transfer out – washing – sterilization – transfer in) in mind and stick to the rules. And it needs seven days to dry the pigsty. Last, we should quarantine the boars before letting them into the pigsty, and get ready for prevention works according to characteristics of epidemics in recent years.


Scientific use of feed for raising pigs
To make a good use of feed we should adopt scientific feed formula and nuisanceless additive. Ration amino acid,and take ideal protein pattern through the various needs of the pig according to their different growth stage. This method can guarantee the nutrition for the pigs as well as save the feed cost by decreasing unnecessary excretion of the pigs. And it helps us in raising pigs healthily and successfully. The additives include enzymes, acid agents, antibiotics, microbial preparation, microelements, amino acid, antibiosis, herbals, plant extract and so on. We should use effective and stable additives, and pay attention to their expiration date.

Feed for pigs should grind into powder, and then paste the powder by high temperature steam granulator or bulking machine for making digestible fodder. The granules should in a suitable size. If the granules is too big, the pigs can not digest them well and probably leads to diarrhea. On the contrary, the too small granules may cause gastric ulcer or respiratory disease.

How to start pig farming business? I think you already have an answer after reading the article. Please contact us if you need help, we will do our best to find solutions for you.