It is known by all the pig farmers that the microclimate in the pig house should be stable without being affected by the external temperature changes, so the heating and ventilating & cooling equipment are quite necessary for the pig house to ensure pigs’ production of high quality. At the same time, keeping the pig house clean and timely cleaning and disinfecting the pig feeders are also very important.

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Pig House Heating Equipment

There are 2 kinds of pig house heating: central heating and partial heating. The central heating works to transport the thermal medium produced by a central heating system through pipelines to keep the appropriate temp in the pig house; partial heating includes an electric heating padinfrared heat lamp piglet incubator, etc.

Pig House Ventilating Equipment

Usually, pig house ventilators feature by large diameter, low power, high ventilation rate, little noise, and good durability. Here are some cautions for pig house ventilation:
1. Avoid fan ventilation short circuit: The fan should not be installed on the wall with an open gate below it, which will lead airflow short circuit.
2. If it is unilateral ventilating, the air outlets in the adjacent piggery of both sides should be set on the relative sides to avoid the exhausted foul smell from one piggery entering into another piggery.
3. No blind angle in the pig house to ensure the air passes through the pig house freely to realize the ventilation.

Pig Farm Cooling Equipment

In fact, ventilation is a kind of effective cooling method, but it just makes the temp inside the pig house close to the temp outside the pig house, so when the temp outside the pig house is higher than 27-30 ℃, it is the maximum temp limit for pig production, some cooling methods are necessary to control inside pig house temp. The common cooling systems are evaporative cooling pad-fan cooling, spray cooling, sprinkle cooling, and drip cooling; The last 3 cooling systems are of high humidity, so they are not suitable for farrowing houses and piglet houses; The evaporative cooling pad-fan system is the most sophisticated cooling technology of 75~90% evaporative cooling rate which is widely used around the world.

Pig Farm Sterilizing Equipment

The frequently used sterilizing equipment are high-pressure cleaners, blaze disinfection, and knapsack sprayers; and the combination of blaze-chemical sterilizing can reach a 95% sterilization rate.

Pig Farm Cleaning Equipment

In the modern pig farm, to keep pig house sanitation and reduce labor working, the pig flooring is used to protect the pigs from their wastes to prevent and reduce diseases.
According to the laying range in the winery, the flooring can be divided into full flooring and partial flooring. The full flooring is suitable for the farrowing crates and piglet nursery bed on the high bed; the partial flooring is suitable for the winery on the floor (usually 1/3-1/2).
The key technical parameter is the width of the pig flooring. If the leak width is too small, the leakage rate will be low; if it is too wide, pigs will get foot, leg, and muscle injuries for slipping into the leak. The leakage floors enjoy various shapes including strip ones and net ones, etc. They can be made of cement, metal plastic, etc.

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