piggery_coolingHeat stress can lead to significant production losses for pig farms. Production losses can take the form of a slower rate of gain or poor reproductive performance in pig farming systems. Modern piggery cooling equipment is widely used to cool the animals, conditioning the air for heat stress relief. And the cooling equipment shows good performance in summer.

Negative Pressure Fans

It is usually applied in the enclosed pig house for breeding, gestation, and farrowing. The fan works by exhausting the hot air indoors to even the temperature between indoor and outdoor. Except for the cooling effect, it also can discharge the noxious gas, dust, etc., and bring fresh air into the pig house.

Evaporative cooling Pads

The pads finish cooling via evaporating water. As air is drawn through wet cooling pads, water is evaporated into the air causing the temp to be reduced. It should be combined with a negative pressure fan in an enclosed pig house, effectively reducing pig house temp by 3℃.

Atomization Sprayers

It is intermittently used for the heat-peaks. This cooling equipment can rapidly reduce the pig house temp through the evaporation of atomizing water. However, it has some disadvantages: continued cooling time is short; long-term use will cause over-humidity in the pig house; it needs a relatively large amount of water.

Industrial Fans

This kind of cooling fan is generally used in the open-type pig house because it has a large air supply and obvious cooling effect. However, its swivel will be worn for long-time operation; what’s more, its available working area is small, and it needs higher power if it makes the same cooling effect as the negative pressure fan does.

Foam Pads

Pig house ceiling can be made of foam pads to accomplish cooling and it is of good performance.

Water Pump and Rubber Pipe

During the hottest days, pig farmers can use a water pump and rubber pipe to flush the pigs, floor, and swinery bottom to realize the cooling, so the water should be adequate.

Planting Trees

Planting trees around the pig house is an economical and effective way for cooling in the long run.

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