Broiler battery cage mainly for the poultry broiler chicken farm. We specially use the best plastics, scientific design with reducing chickens’ fatigue level in order to make the broiler stand more comfortable and overcome the inflammation of the chest. With the stacked types of broiler battery cages and 3-8 decks can meet your broiler farms’ requirements. All the equipment are fully automatic, so you can save a lot of time while just operate the control button easily.

The Specifications and Types of Broiler Battery Cage System

chicken cage

Type: A-Type and H-Type.
Size: A-Type: 1950mm*500mm*400mm.
H-Type: 2000mm*1800mm*450mm, 2412mm*1600mm*500mm.
Tiers: A-Type ( 3-4 Tiers ); H-Type ( 3-4 Tiers )
Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar
Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying

The sustainable and adjustable LED lighting can provide perfect light at the suitable to promote the broiler growth. The broiler cage system can be monitored clearly by poultry management system to know the farming conditions of broilers.


Feeding and watering systems

The system will add food and water regularly and quantitatively, which will not cause waste while meeting the requirements of chicken intake.


Poultry Manure Removal System

In order to grow in a clean environment, it is necessary to equip the  system of removal equipment for broilers. First, it helps to reduce the labor intensity of the staff; second, it allows reducing the incidence, since many different kinds of viruses and microbes that can cause disease in the bird exist in the litter.


Microclimate system

We offer the microclimate system including ventilation, a heater, an evaporative cooling cassette, a monitoring device, and so on. Environmental control equipment is also included.


Advantages of Broiler Battery Cage System

  1. Full-automatic: automatic feeding, watering, manure removal, climate control systems to lower the cost on labor.
  2. Reasonable design of meshes makes more room to circulate fresh air to reduce diseases infection.
  3. Muitiple choice for your cage tier: 3-8 tiers of broiler battery cages can be customized as your situation.
  4. Electrostatic spaying technology makes the wire mesh smooth to prevent injuries of chicken feet and reduce fatigue degree and has higher durability. All cages to make longer usage more than 10 years.
  5. Easy maintenance and operation: we provide you professional engineer to teach you the install skills.
  6. The unique environmental control system ensure the house have fresh air.