The egg collection system plays an important role in the collection of eggs on poultry farms for breeding laying hens. The automatic egg collection system is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the eggs. It is applied to the A-frame layer cage system and the H-frame stacked layer cage system.

The egg Collection System includes:

1. machine-egg collection (one for each battery equipment);
2. Longitudinal belt conveyors, providing the withdrawal of eggs to the ends of batteries;
3. Transverse and inclined conveyor with lifting mechanism and egg processing table.


A Type Egg Collecting Machine


H Type Egg Collecting Machine


Egg Collecting Belt


The central egg conveying

Different Operational Principles for Layer Cages

Our R & D team carefully designed the egg collection system in a cautious and serious spirit. For the stacked cage system, the belt transports the eggs to the cross conveyor, which helps to transport the clean eggs to the classifier room without any mechanical transfer, and complete the full-automatic process. To ensure the reduction of artificial pollution or damage, the eggs are gently transported to the egg collection room through the leather belt.

In the A-frame layer cage system, the conveyor belt carries the eggs to the header, the flexible fingers gently place the eggs on a cross conveyor, and then take the eggs to the classifier room, which is a completely automatic process. The design is simple and stable, the operation is convenient, and the indecency of labor and material cost is reduced. Farmers should know that it is suitable for large, medium and small farms. According to your requirements, we can design and produce ideal egg collection equipment for you.

Egg Grading, Washing, and Packing Machine

We offer a various range of mechanical and electronical graders which are flexible to be configured to your laying hens eggs needs and demands. The lower capacity graders meet all the needs of battery eggs producers.


Grading Machine


Washing Maching


Egg Washing Machine


Egg Grading and Packing Machine

Eight Functions for Egg Grading and Packing Machine


Birds Conveying System


Belt Conveying System


Birds Catching Platform


Automatic Bird Harvesting System