Our feeding system machine adopt advanced techiniques and automatic operation, which can save a lot of time for poultry farmers.

Trolley Feeding System

For layer chickens in a large scale farming, they can eat feed by the feed trough that equipped with layer battery cage or baby chick battery cage system. While for broilers, the flocks can eat feed by the chicken cages feeding trough in broiler battery cage system or eat feed by the automatic chicken feeder pan.

By the self-service terminals without going to operate the system one by one personally thus lower the cost on labor and save unnecessary manpower, and it does not require any person to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process,  for the whole process is completely automated.


A Type Pullet Chicken Cage Feeding


H Type Layer Chicken Cage Feeding


A Type Pullet Chicken Cage Feeding


H Type Pullet Chicken Cage Feeding


Broiler Chicken Cage Feeding


Feed Trough



Pan Feeding System

The automatic feeding pan is mainly used for raising broilers and chicks. it is made of polyethylene material. The edge of the feeding pan inclines to the center to avoid the waste caused by the overflow of feeding. The feeding plate of each chicken can feed about 14-16 broilers and young chickens. Poultry feeders are easy to clean and assemble.




Feed Trough



Manual feeder barrel

Manual feeder barrel is made of PP materials. The barrel is mostly used for baby chickens and it is easy clean and maintain. Our poultry feeder barrel adopt tower design and the tray and barrel body are nested together respectively.


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