The belt type automatic manure removal system  mainly includs motor deceleration equipment, chain drive, main and forced rollers, manure bearing belt, etc., which is suitable for stacked cage chicken house.

Working principle: the bearing plate of conveyor belt type manure remover installs under each layer of chicken cage. When the machine starts, the motor and reducer work through the automatic roller of each layer of chain, and friction occurs under the extrusion of the forced roller and the automatic roller. The moving bearing belt moves along the length direction of the cage group to transport the chicken manure to one end, which scraped off by the scraper plate set at the end.

Belt Type Manure Removal System

Each tier equips with manure belt off-tracking device which can avoid the belt off the tracking.
Four manure cleaning scrapers make the manure cleaned thoroughly.







Traction Type Manure Removal System

Traction type manure removal system applies for A type cage.It can save labor cost and help improve poultry house environment.

The main structure of the manure remover is composed of the manure remover, angle wheel, traction rope, scraper plate, etc. the motor drives the reducer to work, and the chain wheel rotates the traction scraper plate to work.

The research and development of the cleaning machine shortens the cleaning time, saves the cost and improves the working efficiency. The machine is mainly a vertical fecal cleaning system designed for ladder cage and high bed feeding of broilers. Each machine is used for 2-3 rows of cages or high bed fecal ditches of broilers. Client can customize the width of the scraper plate.

Poultry Manure Rmoval System poultry-manure-removal-system-equipped-with-A-type-chicken-cage Scraper-Type-Manure-Cleaning-System

Conveyor Belt

The material is pure raw material PP polypropylene, adding anti UV anti aging formula, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
It can adapt to complex environmental conditions.
Low tensile rate, low temperature resistance, no deformation, no aging, long service life.

Width range: 0.5m to 2.2m (Customizable)

Thickness range: 0.8mm to 1.5mm (Customizable)

Length of each volume: customized according to customer requirements

The quality of the strip is good and the price is reasonable. It is an integral part of the automatic defecation system of the farm.

belt 1 belt 3 belt 2

Our company supply chicken manure treatment equipment.

The bio organic fertilizer produced by the chicken manure treatment equipment is made of fresh chicken and pig manure. The digestion capacity of chicken and pig is weak, and only 26% of the nutrients can be consumed, more than 75% of the nutrients are discharged with the manure. Therefore, the reprocessing of the manure can be called the organic fertilizer with very high utilization rate.