Air Ventilation Cooler Introduction

This evaporative air cooler is a kind of water-cooled air conditioner, integrating the functions of cooling, ventilating, dust preventing and smell removing. Because it is energy-saving and Eco-friendly, this air cooler is widely used in stock barns, workshops and some public places to bring fresh air and comfortable temp, especially popular in pig house.

The Featurespig_farming_evaporative_cooling

1. Integrating the functions of cooling, ventilation, dust preventing and smell removing, increasing the air oxygen content and improving working efficiency.
2. Efficiently exhausting the hot-smelly air without shutting the door and window.
3. Great cooling effect: about 5-9℃ temperature; reduction in humid area and about 10-15℃ in hot-dry area.
4. Low investment, small occupied area, low power consumption and large air output.
5. Easy to install and maintain, no solid technical background is required.

Evaporative Air Cooler Application

  1. Equipment rooms to ensure the stable performance and maximum working life of equipments
  2. Public places to ensure the fresh air and comfortable temp.
  3. Commercial places to ensure the healthy and sanitary environmen.
  4. Spaces with no need of fully cooling to save power resources and operation cost
  5. Food processing industry, etc to shorten products cooling time, improving production efficiency and quality
  6. Greenhouses to promote plants growth
  7. Large kitchens in hotels to ensure good ventilation, bettering the hot work environment


To make the evaporative air cooler work more efficiency, more economical and safe, the regular maintenance is necessary which includes:

1. After a period of operation, the filter screen will be covered with dirt and it should be cleaned periodically to solve the problem of air volume decreasing;

2. Regularly check and repair the abrasive wires and components after long time working;

3. The power should be shut down to ensure safe inspection and maintenance.

Evaporative Air Cooler Specification

18000 M3/H
1.1 Kw
Speed Control
Single Speed or 12 Speed with Frequency Inverter
50 Hz /60 Hz
Fan Type
Axial Air Cooler
1.08*1.08*0.95 M
Wind out Size
670*670 Mm
Wind Outlet Type
Top and Down and Side Discharge
Dust Filter
Export Markets