Evaporative Cooling Pad Basic Information

This cooling equipment is the most popular device in pig farming industry for its particular cooling and environment-protecting effects. It has a specially-designed paper honeycomb structure and has to be used with the negative-pressure fan. With evaporative cooling pad, the hot-humid environment in the pig house on hot days can be improved effectively.

Evaporative Cooling Pad HighlightsEvaporative Cooling Pad 0

1. High efficiency and energy-saving: this cooling method combines the fan and swamp cooler pads to realize the evaporation cooling with small power consumption;
2. Good ventilating performance: under the integration of cooling pads and fan, then the hot air in the pig house can be exhausted rapidly;
3. Healthy and Eco-friendly: this cooling system adopts water as the freezing medium, pollution-free and air-purified;
4. Wide applicability: this system used in different places of hot air and poor ventilation;
5. Maximum durability: evaporative cooling pad is made of wood-pulp paper with a layer of glue, which is anti-corrosion, anti-mustiness and has good water-absorption;
6. Easy installation: with light weight and snap-on components, evaporative cooling pads can be easily installed;
7. Easy maintenance: evaporative cooling pad can be easily dissembled and re-assembled for regular cleaning and maintenance.

how_evaporative_cooling_pad_worksWorking Principle

The evaporative cooling pad should combine with negative pressure fan when using. The negative-pressure is to exhaust the hot air in pig house; then there is an air-pressure difference indoor and outdoor, which makes the outdoor air cool by the evaporation and heat-absorption function of wet pads. So the cool air blown into the pig house continuously.


This system is a combination of wet pads and fan with low cost and energy consumption, easy operation, stable performance and automatic control. The pig house employing this cooling system has improved pig farming condition. Because of its good practicability, evaporative cooling pad system is widely used in different places of hot air and poor ventilation.

Ideal For: Greenhouses, Poultry Houses, Hog Confinement, Dairy Barns, Livestock Buildings, Kennels, Industrial Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Warehouses, Factories, Athletic Events, Loading Docks, Workshops, Garages and Construction Sites.evaporative_cooling_pad_application

Industries scope: garment factories, plastic factories, electronics factories, chemical plants and machinery plants, etc.
Business scope: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and entertainment venues, etc.
Stock farming scope: pig farms, chicken farms and rabbitry, etc.
Agriculture scope: gardens, greenhouses and aquaculture bases, etc.

How to Choose the Proper Size Evaporative Cooling System

▶ Total CFM of Required Fans = Volume of Building x air exchange per minute
Total Volume of Building = End Wall Area x Length of Building.
▶ Total Area of Cooler = Total CFM of Required Fans/air exchange through the pads per minute