Why Waterer Bowl is Necessary?

Modern pig farms need plenty of drinking water, as during the pig’s growing period, lots of clean drinking water is needed. One fattening pig needs to drink 8-12L water for one night, a pregnant sow needs 14-18L water for one night, a lactation sow needs 18-22L water for one night, a one-week old piglet needs 180-240g water per kilogram weight for one day, and a four-week old piglet needs 190-255g water per kilogram weight for one day. Pig waterer bowl is one of the necessary facilities in pig farms, as the waterer bowl can provide clean water continuously and save water in a degree. We supply three models of pig drinking bowl ZZW piglet drinking bowl (made of Polypropylene PP), YD pig waterer bowl( made of Stainless steel), CX pig drinking bowl( made of Stainless steel).

The Composition of Pig Drinker Bowl

The pig waterer bowl often made by plastic or stainless steel. It includes two parts: water cup and spring valve.

The working process of Pig Waterer Bowl

When the pig wish to drink, it will push pressing plate, and the plate will drive the outlet valve, so the water will flow to the cup from the pipe. When pig stops drinking, the spring will haul back the valve and stop the water.

The Advantages of Bowls

1. The pig can see the water more clearly and drink enough for one time,
2. It can save water for more than 30%, and lighten the pressure of sewage discharge and sewage disposal.
3. It can avoid the drink scratch the pig and it’s very safe for piglets.
4. When medicine added, it can save both water and medicine.
5. It has fine sealing performance. When the water flow out, the pressure will drop, so that the flow of the water will also slow down to satisfy pig’s need.
6. It has smooth surface and anti-corrosion. This pig waterer bowl is easy to clean and avoid the water splashed, which can reduce the humidity of the pig house efficiently.

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Technical Data of Waterer Bowls

pig_waterer pig-drinker-6
Model: ZZW
Material: Polypropylene PP
Size: Customized
Model: SST
Material: 304# Stainless steel
Size: Customized
pig_drinking_bowl Animal_drinking_trough1
Model: YD
Material: 304# Stainless steel
Size: Customized
Model: CX
Material: 304# Stainless steel
Size: Customized