Introduction to Piglet Nursery Bed

Piglet nursery crate is a professional equipment for taking care of the piglets which are 35 days old and already weaned. The floor adopts plastic manure dropping board, the faeces can drop through the gaps of the floor. So it can prevent the environmental pollution and disease, and improve the survival rate efficiently. The thermal insulation properties is very well, and the texture is soft and firm. It will not hurt the piglet’s feet. The piglet size is rational which can meet the whole brood of piglets’ need. The whole bed is very easy to install and no need to be welded. The frame of the rails are made of hot galvanized pipes, which combined with PVC boards. The thickness of the pipe is 2.5mm, and the welds are firm and nice. The two-sided trough and round automatic feeders are all optional.

piglet house

Piglet Nursery Crate Features

1. Humanized design,both sides are of PVC fence board, both sides are galvanized steel pipe fence, bed and bed isolation also make sure longitudinal ventilation.
2. Original raw material engineering PP(Propene Polymer)
3. Compression resistance not less than 160KG
4. Easy to install ,clean and disinfect, a good environment for piglets nursing.
5. We have piglets care bed 2.2*1.8m , 2.4*1.8m for choice in stock.
6. If you need piglet nursing crates with other specifications, we also can customize for you.
We can supply 3 types of Piglet Nursery Crate: both sides ventilation piglet nursery crate,  PVC board surrounded piglet crates and conjoined piglet crates


You can Equip automatic pig feeders and piglet feeder trough in the nursery crate


Technical Specifications

1.8*2.2 m
1.8*2.4 m
Hot galvanizing technology with steel rails. The thickness of the pipe is 2.5mm
and the base of the bed are made of nodular cast iron.